Monday, November 14, 2016

It's Been A Million Years...

I haven't blogged in a million years. I've just been too stinkin' busy! Party cakes and wedding cakes and cake classes and conventions and parties and princesses and the mildly haunted bakery and special events and private lessons and Make a Wish and... it's a lot.

It's a whole lot, you guys.

I miss writing. And I miss sewing. Oh, and sleeping! Sleeping was great.

And so, when an opportunity presented itself for me to get some more time in my day, I had to take it. If you've seen me in the last week or so, you've probably noticed the ridiculous smile on my face. I'm so excited about this! I haven't exactly been keeping it a secret... I'm too happy!

Cakeapotamus is moving!

Wanna know where?


I mean, we're staying in the Auburn area, of course. But that's part of it- the new location will be just a cake studio, not open to the public. And that's bittersweet. I am going to love working in the new space. But I have love, love, loved having the mildly haunted bakery. Most of the people who come through the doors have been wonderful! I've met friends, spun magic, created whimsy, and made some amazing memories. I'll share some of those memories in the days to come. Some. Not all. Some memories I'm going to keep just for me. When I decided to close the Pepperell Parkway location, I was sad.... for like a day. Then it was all blind excitement.

I will still make cakes. Actually, I hope to bring my skill level up when I don't have the other stuff to worry about. I'm not bad now, but I can get a lot better. I'll get to spend more time researching recipes and less time researching the industry standard for Cinderella performer eyeliner.  Making cakes is my joy and I will keep doing it. I'll deliver cakes or we'll meet up somewhere. There are a few locations I can think of... but the cake magic isn't going anywhere.

The party magic though... planning the parties at the cakepot has been INSANE fun. But it's very, very time consuming. And tiring. But I'll still gladly offer you whatever help I can in planning your future events. And you can still book the Cakeapotamus princesses through the Once Upon a Whimsy page. 

What else? The special events. Cakeapotamus will still be a part of our community events and will still support all those amazing things that make Auburn and Opelika the best place to live. We'll still be around. But this year's Cookies with Santa will be the last event at the mildly haunted bakery. I really hope you can all make it. And, of course, we'll still provide sweet treats to the local businesses that use us to spoil their customers. 

If you go into the bakery now, you'll see it looks different. See... the new space is much smaller and doesn't have a party space. So I'm selling almost everything out of the shop. All of those things I've been collecting over the last few years are up for grabs. If you're interested in anything, let me know! There will be a big sale one weekend in December. Of course I'm taking most of the cake gear with me, but if you're in the market for a vintage Coke machine or geeky toys... Oh, and if I have a picture of you on the wall, please come get it?

What else? I'm so excited about this, you guys! I know some people are going to be sad. I'm sorry. Thank you for loving the cakepot. It loves you, too. But more time to travel and teach... more time to work on my skills... more time with my family... fewer bills and overhead... no more upkeep on a very old building... it's time to move forward.

PLUS! I get to say the mildly haunted bakery was always profitable. And the mildly haunted bakery always had a 100 on its health inspection. And I have wicked strong biceps from hand mixing every single cake batter that's gone through the shop with a wire whisk and wicked strong wrists from all the piping.

Please be happy for me?