Sunday, May 13, 2012

I like this cake alot

First of all, if you think that I misspelled a lot, please click here before you read on:

That's an ALOT for anyone who just needs a quick refresher.

The creative genius who wrote that nugget of awesome has been MIA from her blog for a while. I've been missing her as have many others. And I've been worried- I don't know Allie in real life, but I love to read her stuff. (p.s. have you read The God of Cake? Priceless.) Her last post was about depression, though, and that just... sucks. I mean literally, depression sucks your energy and your time as well as your happiness. And, depression lies.

Today, in light of all the crazy that's been going on around me, I decided to make a cake, just for shiggles, to decompress... and play with the airbrush. I love that airbrush. There are about a half a jillion cakes in my mind that I want to try, and so today I chose the ALOT. It came out like this:

Why are the horns pink? I'm glad you asked. The horns are pink because I forgot to make them and stick them on before I airbrushed. Then, it was WAY too much trouble to get the whole airbrush set-up out again, just for some piddly little horns, so I picked some petal dust to color them. This was the prettiest color I had. No regrets. Plus, it almost kinda matches the pink cake board. A little. If you're colorblind.

Now, I know this isn't my best cake execution. I worked fast and fun on this one. I mean, the carving took less than five minutes. Fun. I like this cake alot.

I hope Allie (and others- you know who you are!) beats her depression soon. I hope she remembers that depression lies like a horcrux. Actually, I hope that she already beat her depression and that the reason she hasn't been blogging is because she discovered that simple dog can actually do calculus on an ipad and has been contracting him out to NASA. Or something similar. 

So, for Allie and everyone else dealing with depression... for me and everyone else living in a swirling vortex of whackadoosy... I hope this cake brings you alot of happiness. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just say, "No"!

Remember that time on Diff'rent Strokes when Nancy Reagan came by to casually plug the "Just Say No" campaign?

I should have paid more attention.

I'm not talking about drugs- I mean, I don't even like taking Advil. I'm talking about saying "NO!" to that little voice in me that says, "Sure, we can make one more cake work this week. On top of finals. And teaching. And the family. And the other cakes we're already doing..."

NO! Shut up, stupid little voice who hates to see people disappointed.

So this week, there was a lot of cakery:

I took this wedding cake on pretty short notice. After I promised myself that I would only do three this year. But, when I talked to the bride, she sounded just like me when I was thinking about my wedding cake 100 years ago. I ended up with a cake from a grocery store because I didn't know and I didn't really care what I was talking about. So it was like a do-over for me...

I made some of these for my surgeon because...  let's face it, he did a great job.

I made this graduation cake. The mom who picked up this cake was awesome, y'all. She was so gracious about picking it up at early o'clock at my kids' school and she was so sweet. I just loved her.

The eye of Sauron cake for Scooter Pie's UN-shower. I learned that it's not pronounced Sauron. Turns out, it rhymes with moron. Who knew? Obviously, I'm more of a Harry Potter girl than a Lord of the Rings fan. But I saw a cake like this on the interwebs and I wanted to try to make the icing all textured and fiery like that.

Last cake of the week! It is the most humbling honor when someone calls me to make a birthday cake for the same kid I caked for last year. I am so very grateful that I've gotten to make some fun cakes for this family and the others who call me at the same time each year. And I'm terribly thankful that this mom let me try that new (to me) technique on the top tier. 

So that's my week. Seven days of cake, final exams, and assorted other shenanigans. 

Only one cake next week. Whew!