Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making it up as I go

My kids see a lot of cakes. I can usually tell how many comments a cake will get on Facebook by what my kids say about it. If they really like a cake, they'll ask if it's for them. That's when I know I got something right.

So, my daughter (who is fourteen kinds of awesome) is turning three tomorrow. Her birthday party was this weekend and I had an awesome cake planned for her. We went to Disney World over Christmas, so I thought a Minnie Mouse cake would be perfect. Picture it: two tiers, pink with white polka dots, chocolate mouse ears on top. Perfect, right?

Alas, it was not to be. She didn't want a Minnie Mouse cake. She went through a few cake requests- my favorite was the Max and Ruby, Caillou, Minnie Mouse, Belle, Booty the Beast, Daisy Duck, Brobee combo. In the end, though, she asked for a Wizard of Oz cake. Actually, she asked for a "Lizard de Boz" cake.

I had no ideas. None. I knew she wanted a chocolate cake. I can do that. But what the heck do I put on it? I googled "Wizard of Oz" cake... no help. I have a few cake pans, but nothing Ozian.

Then, I had an idea. Remember that Sorting Hat cake?

I could remake this shape and cover it in black icing and make the witch after she melted! Awesome! Fun! I pitched the idea to the girl and was shot down. I mean, I was completely shot down. No green witch. Got it.

So, I showed her my cake pans hanging on the wall and asked her which one was a Wizard of Oz cake.
"The bunny rabbit. And the rabbit can be Dorothy."
"I want the rabbit cake and you make the rabbit Dorothy."
"But Dorothy's not a rabbit."
"Yes, she can be."

Now, normally, I'm all about lateral thinking and creativity. But I just couldn't see this happening. So I gave her two choices: heart or circle. She reluctantly chose a heart-shaped cake.

Great, a heart-shaped chocolate cake. What on Earth do I put on it? With absolutely no plan or ideas, I went into the kitchen.

Wizard of Oz... What to do? Here's some green, I can make green icing:

Wonder what it would look like smoothed?

Well, that's OK. Oh! I could pipe on a yellow brick road!

OK. Ummm... huh. Wonder if I could make some ruby slippers?

Well, there we go.