Monday, December 17, 2012

Trying something new

A few times a year, Nicholas Lodge opens up his school for an open house. It's always amazing with good demonstrations and nosh. I always learn something (or 35 somethings) new. BUT! I rarely try the new things that I learn.

Here's what I saw this year:

Some amazing gingerbread work where some super-talented ladies turned these cookies:

into this wreath:

I know, right? I wanted to make these for my kids teachers, but something kept getting in the way and then I ran out of time.

Then there was this:
Look at the fondant on the top of that cake!


And, of course, there's the main event in the big, green classroom. Check out this stuff:
Perfection. I mean... come on!

Love the hot chocolate cupcake back there in the mug!

I've never made my own chocolates... hmmm...


Look at the detail on these!

Are you kidding me???

Even his cookies and cupcakes are dressed too the nines!

Come on!

Oh my gosh. His carrot nose!

Just... I mean... the sugar gift tag... 
I always leave the ISAC open house (full of punch and chocolates and) with the best of intentions toward trying to make some of the amazing things I've seen. I always buy a new tool (or seven) or a new ingredient... and then I either get otherwise occupied or I'm too chicken to try them out.

This year, I got a little sick right after the ISAC open house and I haven't even touched my purchases until tonight. It's not much, but I tried the new fondant that they had this year, Fondart. I gotta say... I like it. A lot. It's very elastic and soft as a baby's butt. I made this:

It's a bulldog paw because Opelika

I *think* this birthday girl came to the Psycho Path this year which makes this cake extra special. The back of this cake has some pudgy fondant rolls, like bulldog wrinkles. The Fondart pudged up really nicely for that part. I gotta remember to get some more of that stuff*.

*I'm not trying to sell Fondart, I'm really just writing that part so that I'll remember how it worked for me.