Friday, January 1, 2016

How Do We Get Those Characters?

I get asked this question fairly often from other cakers, clients, and people who want to be princesses at Cakeapotamus:

"Where do you get your characters?"

There is not a single answer to that. Here we go:

My princess hostesses are local college students who have strong singing and theater backgrounds. They are contracted... like sub contractors. I don't technically employ them- they're self-employed.

If you are interested in performing at Cakeapotamus as a princess, send a link to a 3-5 minute video of yourself talking and singing as your favorite princess in full makeup. Include a short description of yourself, your theater background, your experience with children. And expect a LOT of questions. I am VERY picky about who I allow around the kids at my bakery.

We are not affiliated with Disney and do not offer licensed princess characters at the bakery. Our princesses are based on original fairy tales.

The other party hosts:

My super hero, mad hatter, balloon twister, pirate, and other character hosts are NOT college girls. Obviously. They are professional performers who I've managed to cultivate a relationship with so that I can get them to perform at the bakery from time to time. These guys are amazing with kids and have, of course, been carefully screened.

If you are interested in performing at Cakeapotamus as party host, send an email to with your name, picture, and a short description of your theater background and experience with children. And expect a LOT of questions. I am VERY picky about who I allow around the kids at my bakery.

The Star Wars Characters:
These guys aren't mine. I don't employ them and they are not for hire.

The 501st is a fan-based costuming group. They're all volunteers who have Star Wars costumes that are screen accurate (or better). Their motto is "Bad guys doing good" and they do things like visit the children's hospital or raise money for charities. When there's a charity-oriented event at the bakery- like an Icing Smiles cake or the Toys for Tots collection- the 501st will sometimes come and lend us their presence.

For a bakery event that isn't charity-oriented or for private events, we can request the 501st come. The catch here is that most of the members live in the Birmingham or Huntsville areas- it's a drive for them. And since they're all volunteers... it can be tricky to get them to come. When they come for a non-charity event, the bakery makes a donation to a charity in the 501st's name. That way, they're still bad guys doing good.

The 501st IS affiliated with Disney and LucasFilm, LTD. That's why their costuming standards are so high and why they don't charge for appearances. If you are interested in joining the 501st, you can find more information on their web site.

There are other characters who have been at the bakery for charity events or other occasions.

Usually, these are specially requested characters who I track down in one way or another.

This pic was not taken at the bakery. But dadgumit, those kids got to meet R2-D2. In their jammies.
If you're looking for a particular character, let me know. Sometimes, I get lucky and can find them.

I only *wish* I could get Puddles to come to the bakery. 
Except for Santa. He's the real deal.

*I should get a cookie for all the costume pics I have that I didn't use, you guys. Gandalf and the Bandit!

Happy New Year!

There's a thing going around the cake world. There's always something going around the cake world. Today, it's the New Year's Resolutions for Cake Decorators.

I'm happy to say I started working on a few of these last year!

There are still a few I need to work on. 

I think Cake Style actually posted this last year. 

Here's to 2016 being a great year of sugar art!