Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Update and Status Report

Moving a working bakery is no joke, you guys.

But it's going well! Here's the story:

Cakeapotamus got kind of... big and busy. Which is great! But it meant some decisions had to be made. Kind of like when we discovered we didn't have to do walk-in retail to be profitable after being open six months. Now we know we don't have to keep hosting parties to be profitable. This is especially good because I was looking at some major expenses to fix up the old place and make it nice and fancy for parties. I thought it was time for a makeover. But if I took that money and spent it fixing up my home kitchen- making it nice and fancy- and bringing it up to (and above) code, then I'd be investing in a property I actually own!
Seems like a no-brainer, right?
I even sprang for a new cover for Speedy here.
And since the Cottage Food law has passed in Alabama, it's completely legal for me to operate out of my home. You guys know I never made anything below a 100 on my health inspections at the bakery- but I can make my home kitchen even cleaner! Because it's shiny and new. And I'm still licensed and insured. I still have all my certifications and training thingies. I'm making a pretty amazing bakery here.
Same whimsy, new location.
So now I'm moving Cakeapotamus and trying to do it without interrupting my production schedule.


Fun fact: when you move your mixers from your old kitchen to your new kitchen, it really helps to bring the paddles. Otherwise, you're stuck making icing in the old, ratchet KitchenAid that only has two speeds: fast and super fast.

Oh, and I forgot to bring spatulas. And salt.

Baby steps.
Who needs spatulas when you have all the drums, right?
But it's getting there. I love and adore my new purple kitchen. It's bigger than the bakery kitchen, there's only one oven but it's much bigger than either one at the bakery. More counter space, better light... I'm pretty happy. Just getting used to the new arrangement.

But my flavor-making creativity has returned! I'm about to have a whole lot of fun with liquor-infused cupcakes in here, y'all.

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