Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bakery Memories: Illusions of Grandeur

This isn't really a bakery memory because I can see this happening again at the new location. But it's a good story that I was just reminded of. So here we go:

Cake collaborations are a thing. Sometimes they're kind of a big deal. Someone picks a theme and then they invite cake and sugar artists to make pieces along that theme. Everyone submits pictures of their work. You put them all together and BOOM! You've got an awesome site full of Charlie Brown or Harry Potter cakes. They're fun and a good chance to work with other cakers.

Well... see... last year, I think it was Reva's idea to make an April Fool's Day cake collaboration. I'm pretty sure it was Reva who started the whole thing. But I was in on it... and we decided to do a ridiculous cake collaboration.

Illusions of Grandeur! An exhibition of ethereal cakes.

Ethereal cakes. I came up with that part.

looks legit
We thought it was be funny to make a collection of pictures of invisible cakes. Heck, I still think it's funny.

We started recruiting cake decorators and sugar artists to join us. All they had to do was take a picture of an empty cake board or stand, put their watermark on it, and pretend it's the latest trend in cake art: ethereal cakes.


And we got some pretty darn well-known cake decorators in on this thing, y'all. It was kind of surreal.

So we made a Facebook page for the collab. Miguel made a website! We had head shots and bios... but the bios were totally fake. I made them up. And I'm writing these ridiculous backgrounds about super powers and extra toes and I'm praying that Karen Porteleo has a good sense of humor. I think, start to finish, we did the entire collaboration in 48 hours. It was all kinds of ridiculous.

And so we went live with it! And we're pretending to be so proud to be a part of this cake art trend. People are looking at everything and most people got a kick out of it.

There were a few people who messaged us, "I can't see the cakes."
Now, a nicer person would politely explain that there are no cakes, it's an April Fool's Day joke.
But I'm the reason we can't have nice things.

"I can't see the cakes!"
"Oh, sorry! That's a glitch we're aware of. Just restart your computer, install all the updates, and reload. You'll be able to see them."
"I still can't see them."
"Huh. Weird. Try restarting your computer again."
"Is anyone else having trouble seeing them?"
"Oh, yeah. Some people had to restart their computer three times!"
"Ah. OK, I see them now."

Sure you do.

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