Saturday, August 10, 2013

ICES Days 3 & 4: So much stuff...

I ventured back into the cake room again to see just how outclassed I am here this year. Here are some of the cakes I saw. The pictures aren't that good, but I don't want to take the time to mess with the color right now:

I also got to see some of my cake heroes. How cool is that? I've been asking them to write me well-wishes for the new shop on little slips of paper. I'll frame them and hang them on the wall of the bakery.

Norm Davis & Zane Beg

A less fuzzy Lauren Kitchens

Apparently the picture in picture was turned on...

Cake lovin'

Joshua John Russell and James Roselle... and scary monster faces

The weird thing about being here is that I've started to shift my mindset. I'm back in that place where I'm ravenous to learn more sugar art techniques. It's easy here- there are so many people to learn from! But at home, there just aren't any cake classes for me. Looks like I'll be on Craftsy for a while... until I can get the funds to get to a real class.

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