Thursday, August 8, 2013

ICES Day 2: How Sweet It Is

It's day two of my first ever ICES national convention. And it's amazing.

Nice people, good demos, lots to see and do. I've almost learned to navigate the convention center which helps with the overwhelming feeling I had yesterday. I think I can just about find my way around tomorrow (which is good because the vendor and cake rooms open tomorrow!).

Today, I got to cross some things off my bucket list:

I got a picture with Lauren Kitchens... albeit a fuzzy one...

There was hugging of the "Where have you been?" variety.

Se did a demo on that super cool wave cake.
better shot of the cake
 And I got a picture with Norm Davis and Zane Beg:

 That one was totally unexpected- they did a surprise demo at the end of the newcomer orientation. Delightful!

I'm collecting autographs from my cake heroes that I'll put in a frame in the bakery.

I know my mom will be proud that I got this button today:

Yay for cake onlays!
 And then, this guy was wandering around downstairs.

I haven't made it to the Pillsbury hospitality suite yet... maybe tomorrow. After the general meeting... after the vendor room... after my overpiping class... before the mystery cake demo...

This is so much fun!

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