Sunday, June 17, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the party

At least, I think it's funny. See, I made this cake:

Cute, right? When Ina ordered it, all I could think about was a SuperDave cake. I mean, a super Dave cake, not a Super Dave cake.

Remember when he was on HBO?

So I made that cake up there and, as is my habit, I posted a picture of it to Facebook when it was finished.

Well, Cakepot Jennifer saw the picture, and I guess she thought it was pretty cool. She shared the photo onto her brother's wall since his name is David and it happened to be his birthday, too. Turns out, this cake was shared onto several Davids' walls this weekend. Happy BirthFathers Day, all you Davids!

Anyway, Cakepot Jennifer's share happened like this:

Did you catch that?

A Cakeapotamus fan (whom I've never met and lives in another state!) shared a cake she liked on her brother's wall not knowing the cake was actually for him. Weird coincidence, right?

It's a Small World after all.

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