Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Cakeapotamus

I have an awesome husband. He's always been supportive of my wacky schemes and this whole cake decorating thing is no exception. He stays with the kids while I go to cake classes, ICES meetings, and random Starbucks for cake deliveries. He never says a word as box after box gets delivered from Global Sugar Art, Bakers Nook, or other vendors. He samples tons of cake and icing flavors and always finds something nice to say. Even with that batch of coconut icing. I know I'm very lucky.

But wait, it gets better.

Did I mention that my husband also has carpentry skills? He can build things. And, best of all, he can translate my incoherent sentence fragments, "with a thing like that but not there," into real carpentry-like plans. And what he builds is exactly like what I had in my head, despite my poor explanations. For example:

In this case, the request was, "Can you make me a thing out of wood to go there and hold these like this?" And voila, a beautiful rack to hold and organize my colors. (If you're wondering, the top row has no labels because they are powder colors rather than Wilton gel colors.)

And then there's this:

If you can't tell what that is, don't worry. I'll show you in a few days. But it's AWESOME! The single greatest cake accessory in the history of cakery. I am wicked excited about this one. And it came out just like I wanted.

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