Monday, December 14, 2015

Behind the Scenes: In a Galaxy

A few months ago, there was a call for Star Wars fans to be featured in little, five-minute documentaries by Warrior Poets. Warrior Poets is Morgan Spurlock's production company. Remember the guy who ate nothing but McDonald's for 30 days? (Shudder.) Yeah, him.

Now, I never claimed to be the biggest Star Wars fan. I'm not the biggest fan in our group. Heck, I'm not even the biggest fan in my house. But I do enjoy the Star Wars... and the production company happened to be looking for someone who's made some Star Wars cakes.

A baker who's also a member of the 501st seemed to fit their bill pretty well.

Secret plans were made and orders given. The production crew would come to the bakery for one day and shoot us doing what we do best: throwing a tea party. This time: a Star Wars tea party.

The original plan was actually to change my son's birthday theme to Star Wars and have them film that. But Minecraft is his true love and he didn't want to change from that, even for a film crew. So we arranged an extra, Star Wars tea party for that morning with my daughter as the hostess.

Now, you have to keep in mind that all of this was going on in addition to the regular bakery production schedule. I was working all this in around parties and wedding cakes as well as planning my kid's actual birthday party. It was a task!

The day started bright and early with this:

And we went from there. I'd done a little bit of prep for the tea party, but they wanted to shoot me decorating the cake. Ummm... I don't usually decorate early in the morning. And I NEVER decorate right before the cake is due. Especially a cake design I've never done before and have a time crunch on... meh, we'll just wing it!

You can kinda see the cake in this picture. Don't judge me, I think I ended up decorating it in 25 minutes.
They filmed the tea party and we quickly cleaned everything up to set up my son's Minecraft/Pokemon party. After that, I headed to a local hotel for the interview. You know those parts of a show where it's just someone talking against a plain background? Yeah, that takes for-stinkin'-ever to film. I think they asked me questions for two hours? Three? And used maybe a minute of film from it.
My view during the interview:
Best pose ever.
I got home late that night and began the waiting game. The series of fan profiles is called "In a Galaxy" and it was set to be released before the new Star Wars movie comes out.

Now it's movie time! Where's my profile? Well... here's how it works. The "In a Galaxy" series was created by Warrior Poets, Maker Studios, and Verizon. So, to see it, you can download the (free) Verizon app that works on any phone called go90. They started releasing the profiles a few weeks ago- number 3 made me cry! They release two profiles a week and will keep releasing them through February. Ours comes out on December 23rd.

So that's part of why we've been so Star Wars crazy these last few months. That and there's a new movie coming out! That, the new movie, and how much I enjoy taking the Star Wars characters to visit the children's hospital. Oh, and the Toys for Tots drive on Wear Star Wars/Share Star Wars day. Anyway, the Star Wars mania is almost over.

Meanwhile, if you don't already have tickets to join us on Thursday night for "The Force Awakens," get some! We're doing the 8pm showing at the Opelika theater and we'll be in our jammies. Don't judge. If you want to watch the new Star Wars movie with some "superfans", this is your chance.

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