Friday, October 9, 2015

Maleficent Horns DIY

You know we do a lot of costuming at this bakery. And the skills that go into making costumes aren't so different from the skills you use in making cakes. So when my kid said she wants to be Maleficent for Halloween, we started checking out the costumes in stores. They're kind of spendy for the quality- so I thought we could do better.

Here's how I made the horns:

The Materials:

That's an old pool noodle ($1), some black duct tape, some ribbon or twine, a sharp knife, and a wide headband from the beauty supply place ($1.99).

Cut the noodle to length:

Cut off the end at an angle:

Use tape to anchor the ribbon or twine to the noodle. You're going to be winding this pretty tight, anchor it well. 

Start winding:

Keep winding:

The cut/tapered end will become round in this step:

Start taping:

To make the curve, bend the noodle and put a piece of tape along the underside of the curve. Then tape over it. Three times.

Keep taping:

It doesn't matter how long the pieces of tape are. It all blends and the horns are supposed to be textured anyway.

For the end, add a little extra tape:

And twist it:

Now do it all again for the 2nd horn:

Hot glue the horns in place on the headband:

Warning: Industrial hot glue guns melt pool noodles. Learn from my fail.

Add tape to the base of the horns, around the headband to secure them in place:

All things are possible with time and duct tape:

I'll see if I can get the girl to model the complete costume later.

These horns are light weight and sturdy. And quick and cheap. I think I spent $3 getting supplies that I didn't already have around, and total time was less than an hour.

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