Sunday, January 19, 2014

Parties at the Cakepot! Part two: Princesses

Being a cake decorator is great! You get to create something that is a small part of someone's special day. You get to create a part of their special memories. As cool as that is, though, sometimes I like to play a bigger role in creating a memorable experience. I tend to stay behind the scenes as much as possible, but I love coordinating, planning, and scheming to get everything to fall into place. Planning parties at the bakery has given me a good outlet for this. The geeky party was a good exercise in scheming. But immediately after Darth Vader left, it was time for something completely different.

As this child made her way home, exhausted, and overwhelmed with love for unicorns and the Sith:
We were working quickly to take down everything Star Wars and replace it with snowflake decor.

We had one hour between parties to switch the decor, sweep up, pick up the food, set up the tables, pick up the balloons, and change up the costumed characters. The first party set a dangerous precedent. There was a lot going on there. Theoretically, I wouldn't have to provide as much for the second party. It's not like the second birthday kid would know how much work and planning went into the first party.

Oh, wait. Yes, she would. She's my daughter. I have to give my own kid a memorable party, too! No pressure.

As I had with the first birthday kid, I'd been having a lot of discussions with my own kid about her party. Obviously, she spends a lot of time at the bakery so she knows how it all works. She has seen Ariel and Belle come for other parties and so it was a given that her bestie, Belle, would host her party.
Sometimes, Belle's my BFF, too.
She also knew that Darth Vader and the Ghostbusters were coming to the earlier party.

"Do you want me to invite the Ghostbusters to your party?"
"Yes and Mr. Brock's kids."
"Do you want me to invite Darth Vader to your party?"
The answer to that one changed a few times. Sometimes "Yes," sometimes, "No, he's too scary". As the day drew closer, she landed on a decision: Darth Vader, no costume. Sure, why not?

Then a terrible thing happened. We took the kids to see Frozen. Have you seen Frozen? It's good, right? So good, in fact, that my child decided she needed, not just a princess party, but a Frozen party.

Here's the good news: Snow-themed decorations are really cheap after Christmas.
This picture was really taken at my shop!
Here's the bad news: My daughter wanted to send a birthday invitation to Elsa, the snow queen. She wanted Elsa at her party. And she absolutely believed that I could get her there.

Confession: It has been a string of lucky coincidences that got me access to the princesses, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars characters. I've been coasting on the generosity and good nature of others. I try to make their experiences at the bakery as positive as possible, but I'm awed that they come at all.

And now she wants Elsa. I don't know Elsa. I don't know where to find Elsa. I don't know anyone who knows Elsa. I had to tell her no. "Mommy doesn't know Elsa. I'm sorry." And she accepted that. She didn't argue, she didn't fuss or whine. That made me want to find Elsa even more. She probably saw that coming, the little manipulator.

Then, a strange series of coincidences occurred and my mommy magic pulled through.

I don't know how I got so lucky, but  look at her face.
Elsa made me mom of the year.
My daughter's dream team!
And so they decorated cookies:

They hunted for Olaf's nose:

They hung out with princesses:

There were songs:

There were friends:

And cake:

With Skittles inside:

And so, I get to keep my mommy wizard cred for another year.

Immediately after the Bellsa party, we had to reset the bakery for a Sunday afternoon tea party. Boom!
Like that whole Sith thing never happened.
I don't have any pics from the Sunday afternoon tea party... but I do have a video of Ariel that I snapped from the kitchen. Unfortunately, Blogspot is not loving the video tonight. I'll try to get it up soon.  If you have not had the chance to see Princessious in person, you're really missing out: 

And so that crazy weekend is over. There are more pictures, hundreds more. I'll upload some to the Facebook page soon. I'm sad it's over y'all. 

HUGE thanks to Brock and Rookie and Matt and Shanna and Amie and Doss and Mary Wynne and Mike and Chris and everybody who came to the parties at Cakeapotamus this weekend! Here's to more good times!

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