Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Better Than I Deserve

I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey, and I've incorporated a lot of his teachings into the business and management plans for the bakery. That includes his company's zero tolerance policy for gossip- I love that. But one of the best things I've picked up from Dave Ramsey is the expression "Better than I deserve".

I'm sure other people have used that phrase before, but this is where I picked it up. And I love it. I am better than I deserve.

How are you?
"Better than I deserve."

How's the bakery coming?
"Better than I deserve."

Really, the bakery is coming along pretty darn well. I just spent the morning killing a magic eraser and half a bottle of pine sol in an attempt to clean out the fridge. It's much better now.
I've got power and water. I've got some things hung on the walls. I've got the contractor scheduled to start in a few weeks for the big stuff.

But the best thing I've got, that's truly better than I deserve, is the support of my family and friends. I've got a work day coming up where folks are going to help me get some things done in there. (It's on the 30th if you want to come help, too- I'd love the extra help!). I've got a successfully funded indiegogo campaign that raised 130% of its goal to help get the bakery started.

I don't know how to say thank you in a way that truly expresses the level of appreciation I have for the support I've received. Not just the contributions to the campaign: the offers of help, the promises to come be a customer, the words of encouragement, the pictures of you enjoying your cakes for the bakery walls. It's amazing and humbling. It's so much more than I deserve.

Thank you. Such an inadequate phrase to express my gratitude. But, thank you.

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