Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Le Quatorze Juillet!

I got an e-mail from a Cakeapotamus fan in Chicago. She wanted a cake for her husband's birthday which happens to fall on Bastille Day. She wanted something French, but not a pink poodle, and she was willing to pick it up. Don't worry about how the pick up happened, let's focus on the cake. We decided on a strawberry and lemon layer cake with some French stuff on the sides. I made the cake, iced it, wrote "Joyeux Anniversaire, Philip" on the top and did some scrolls on the side:

Then, I rolled out some gumpaste until it was very thin and I cut out little plaques. I used a food-coloring marker to draw some French images on the gumpaste:

I'm pretty happy with those images...

I let the plaques harden overnight and then I put them around the sides of the cake. Et voilà mon gâteau français!

C'a été amusant.

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